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  • Céline Séris : from finance to living a nomadic life of purpose
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    Belle Ombre

Céline Séris : from finance to living a nomadic life of purpose

Céline Séris : from finance to living a nomadic life of purpose

(psst, aren't you a fan of how Céline has beautifully personalised her Indispensable in black?)


How do you go from working in Finance in London to living minimally in a small town in France while making an impact ? We had a super inspiring chat with Céline as she walked us through her incredible journey and told us all about the even bigger leap she's making in her life right now. But wait ... let's take it from the top.


We got to know Céline through her well crafted blog, Iznowgood, which gives very practical tips on green living. Céline is however by no means a full time blogger. Her day job is as a communications consultant for ethical brands. 'I never wanted to make money from the blog. The blog is really a way for me to give back and give exposure to all those people and brands working to really make a difference in the green living space, and to give information to all those looking to live more sustainably.'


Her own journey has been one of information seeking and gradual transformation. 'I wasn't always the conscious consumer I am now.' Céline spent years in London working in Finance before quitting and starting her own business. 'I was good at maths in school and I just found myself on this career path without really putting much thought into it.'


But then progressively she started digging into her own daily consumption. 'It was about uncovering my habits, bit by bit. It certainly was a long process and took several years. I started with organic food, gradually paying attention to what went into my body, how food was actually produced, where it all came from. And slowly I started peeling away at my old habits in other areas as well and replacing them with new ones. Going down those rabbit holes was super interesting, incredibly informative. I had so much fun doing that, and that was the early beginnings of me being this investigator into what aligned naturally with my values. This inquisitive mind is helpful today for my blog'.


Today Céline is a vegan and strong promoter of a minimalistic, healthy lifestyle. 'Not turning into a vegan overnight for instance really puts me in a place of understanding towards people who don't want to cut out their meat intake all in one go. I am able to empathise and advise on how best to consume, since it took me years to change my own lifestyle'. 


Céline got inspired to talk about ethical fashion when she looked around and saw how little people knew about the negative impacts of fashion.


'People are generally aware of most big polluters out there, but fashion is a major one and the industry has done such an amazing job at portraying itself as glam and attractive that not a lot of people know the other side of it, how detrimental it is to the environment'.


As she was getting more and more comments from people on her ethical fashion blog posts, she started seeing a lot of questions from people asking about ethical fashion brands. That's how the idea of the brand finder came to her. 'The Brand Finder is a totally free tool that I put out there for people to find out the brands that resonate the most with their preferences and values'. Want a fashion brand doing only organic cotton, or which is leather free or Made in France? Just head over to Céline's Brand Finder and you'll find your match. It's incredibly well done and has lots of criteria you can play around with to find exactly what you're looking for. 


Bigger things await Céline as she moves closer to the life of her dreams. 'My partner and I have been wanting to live and work from anywhere in the world for a while now. We're finally taking the big leap. We're selling the house and are embarking on a nomadic life. We'll start with Thailand; the idea is to live there for a few months and then see where we go from there'.


The best part of all of this for the rest of us? We get to follow her adventures on her blog.' Don't worry' she says with a laugh, 'I am taking you all with me.' Our answer to that? OUI S'IL VOUS PLAÎT !


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  • Post author
    Belle Ombre