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  • Hate your period? Read on, you'll change your mind
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    Belle Ombre

Hate your period? Read on, you'll change your mind

Hate your period? Read on, you'll change your mind

Did you ever notice how sometimes you are just naturally good at communicating ? Like the words just flow out of you so eloquently that you surprise yourself a little? Or at other times you suddenly feel like having things organised around you; the desk or wardrobe needs tidying up and you actually get to it this time (and more willingly than usual), or you just feel like going through your personal finances and end up balancing out those accounts like a pro ?

 These sudden 'proficiencies' at certain tasks or behavior is not by fluke (well sometimes it is, but stick with us for a bit because a lot of times it can actually be quite predictable). We happen to have the most incredible internal compass inside of us, guiding us to the best time to perform certain tasks/adopt certain behaviours, and just rock at them more effortlessly than usual. That guiding system is our ... menstrual cycle. 

'Ewwww' we hear you say. We know. We were dumbfounded when we heard this too. But then once we knew it, we were embarassed and shocked to have learnt this crucial piece of info so late in the game given the number of years we had officially entered womanhood. 

So let's dive straight into the bloody bits, because this knowledge needs to spread like wildfire (how has it not so far?). We are obviously familiar with our period, that time when we feel like hiding under the covers and just blocking the entire world out. Actually our cycle does not comprise of only 2 phases (menstrual and non menstrual, or like we typically view it : hassle and hassle-free), but four. Each of these four phases is caracterised by a very specific cocktail of five hormones which govern our cycle and which activate different right and left brain activities to various degrees and make us naturally better at certain tasks. Crazy right? 

Menstrual phase :

(There is a lot of variability in the cycle from woman to woman which is why we recommend to start tracking your cycle and documenting how you feel each day so you can tune in to your unique cycle).

Stay under those covers and own it ! 

This is when we have the most active conversation between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. So this is a time for taking a step back, evaluating, taking stock of where we are at, and course correcting. This is when we are at our most intuitive ! So ducking under the covers is actually the perfect way to go deep internally, to listen to that inner voice and access all the wisdom that it is imparting to us. In other words, this is a time when we get a lot of ideas and insights !

 Follicular phase :

If we've received ideas from our menstrual phase, this is the time to research them. The follicular phase is when we are at our most creative, so it's the perfect time to begin/plan/mastermind new or existing projects.


Ovulatory phase : 

Time to show up in the world and make ourselves seen and heard (and to share with the world what we've been working on). We have the best communication skills & the most energy at this time. So let's use this time to have important/difficult conversations. We are a magnet at this time ! So thinking about having that conversation around a pay increase for instance? Your ovulation phase is the time to schedule that meeting 🙂 


Luteal phase : 

This is when we become very detail oriented. So this is a good time for cleaning for e.g. or anything that needs us to be meticulous. In other words this is when we get to shed all that is not serving us and keep what does. This is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your life !


The bottom line is, we women are cyclic in nature, much like the seasons and yet have conditioned ourselves to operate in a linear fashion, because we are in a male driven society. Messages everywhere, from advertisements to our mothers to our peer groups lead us to feel shame when we have our period, or make us believe that we can carry on as if periods didn't exist, or that our periods is just a monthly roadblock in our lives, something to deal with as discreetly as possible rather than embrace and celebrate (just watch tampon ads to see this shaming in action). How many times have we wished our periods away? How many times have we felt inferior to men for even having our periods? 


No more. The time has come to fully claim what's ours. Especially when what's ours can be such a powerful tool in our lives, one that can seriously upgrade our quality of life. So want to experience flow in your life? Then learn to embrace your monthly flow 😄 


Additional info if you'd like to know more :

We loved the book 'the WomanCode' by Alissa Vitti

There are tons of apps out there where you can track your cycle easily. We haven't tested all of them, happy to hear from you if you've experienced one that is really works for you ! 

  • Post author
    Belle Ombre