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  • own your story : the difference between fashion and style
  • Post author
    Belle Ombre

own your story : the difference between fashion and style

own your story : the difference between fashion and style

Our grandma used to have less than 40 pieces of clothing in her wardrobe. We on average have more than a hundred. Yet we are the ones who stare despairingly at our closets complaining that we have nothing to wear. Again.


This is because we confuse fashion and style. Yet they are radically different.


Fashion is an industry. A 2.4 trillion dollar a year industry to be more precise of which fast fashion is a huge chunk. 


Luxury brands make money by giving you a sense of status, value and exclusivity. Fast fashion or high street brands make money by making you feel accepted by your peers, whence the very notion of trends, which is nothing more than what other people deem are worthy of being worn in a particular season (or in today's case, a micro-season. Zara pioneered the concept of a new season every 2 weeks. Other brands, filled with FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out), were quick to follow suit). Wear that particular jacket and you're cool and IN, wear last season's trends and you're tacky.


In essence, fashion makes money by feeding on your insecurities and promising you that by wearing those ripped jeans you'll feel part of whatever group you crave to belong to for a whole few weeks until ripped jeans are out and it's flared jeans that are in. Then all of a sudden skinny models wearing flared jeans are staring at you seductively from posters plastered all over town or on your screens.


Fashion is a measure of social proof, while style, on the other hand, is individual creative expression. 


Style is about knowing exactly what YOU like and what works for you and is about using clothes to express who you are. It's really about self awareness. See, whether we like or care about it or not, we are judged by what we wear all the time, and this judgement is often unconscious. People are picking up on our confidence, likeability, trustworthiness and authority even before we've said a single word (see how powerful uniforms can be !). So wouldn't you want to reclaim your story?


Why knowing your style matters?

  1. It gives the decision making power back to you. It's the difference between walking into a store and feeling like you have to buy everything, and walking into a store knowing exactly what will fit you and what you'll love wearing. And being ok with walking out without having made a purchase if you don't find what's for you.

  2. It's more economical in the long run. You'll buy less but better and develop a sense for quality because we all want to hang on longer to the pieces we love. Don't you hate it when that favorite sweater of yours loses its shape after just a few washes or wears ? 

  3. You get to decide what you want to say to the world through your style rather than have an industry decide what statement you need to be making at a particular moment of their choosing.

  4. It's liberating. See, you don't have to understand much (or anything really) about fashion to find your style. You can then start looking at fashion as a source of inspiration rather than as a source of pressure to look, be and act a certain way. The more you know about yourself, the freer you become.

  5. You'll naturally look and feel more confident. We all want to be more confident don't we? Well here's our twist to this : don't strive to become more confident. Strive to become more of who you really are and show it to the world. Confidence will be the natural by-product of that.


    How to find out what your style is?

    1. Know your colors and learn to play with them

    2. Know your body type and what shapes will work for you

    3. Go full-on pinterest. Pin, curate, get inspired. Go crazy and pin all the styles you like, then try to slim the number of pins down to 15 or 20 of the best pins you love (don't get too cerebral about it. In fact overthinking this might get your beliefs about what you should be liking to cloud what you instinctively like). You'll start picking up on a few traits of what you're drawn to from your curated pins. (follow us on Pinterest !) 

    4. With those traits in mind, map out your ideal wardrobe. Identify the missing pieces in your present wardrobe and THEN go shopping, not the other way around. 

    5. Wear what you feel comfortable in. See, people are obsessed with the french style, but stripped to its basics, french women know what they feel comfortable and look great in, and that's what they stick to : Not too tight nor too loose. Sneakers and flats over heels most days.

    6. Don't fall for lists touting things like 'the 10 must-have wardrobe pieces this summer'. This is the best way to keep staring at your bulging wardrobe and still get frustrated at having nothing to wear. There is nothing that you must have in your wardrobe. It should be all about what you want to have and what works for you. Period.

    7. Go on an inner explorative journey and read our articles, they're free ! We get comments once in a while from people who are confused about why we write about self awareness. Now you know why !


    As for us? We design clothes we love, at our own pace and in line with our own values. Hopefully you'll love them as well. If not, that's ok too 🙂 


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    • Post author
      Belle Ombre