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  • We are all psychics
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    Belle Ombre

We are all psychics

We are all psychics
"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein

 Aphasia is an impairment of language resulting from a stroke or brain trauma affecting the regions of the brain controlling language.  Aphasiacs have difficulty formulating sentences and have trouble understanding other people's speech. 


Mindblowing fact #1A study shows that aphasiacs are able to detect liars a lot more effectively than people who can speak and understand other people talking. 


What aphasiacs, when stripped of their capacity to understand verbal language, do is that they become a lot more in touch with their intuition or their gut feelings. In other words, they become much better at taking in the whole picture of what is really going on with, in the case of the study, liars : body language, tone of voice, facial expression. 


But why is the gut more accurate in predicting who the liars are ?


Mindblowing fact #2 : Your gut is a brain unto itself and is lined with more than a 100 million nerve cells. There are more messages travelling from your gut to your brain than the other way around such that when you are listening solely to your intellect, you are only using a small part of your evaluative apparatus. In fact your gut feelings, or 'inner voice' has been around longer than your thoughts. In that sense our gut feelings today are more refined than they've ever been, having survived millions of years of evolution and thus been through the most rigorous quality control there is. 


However, years of overriding or not listening to this inner voice has turned it into a faint whisper. But the good news is that it's still there and you don't need to lose your ability to communicate via language to reconnect with it. So no need to panic ;)


How then do we get that whisper to become loud and clear again?


The first thing to understand is that our inner voice might speak to each one of us in different ways. For some of us, it might come in the form of an instinctive, immediate sense of knowing in our whole being, for others it might be extremely sensory, as in goosebumps or a rush of emotions through the belly or entire body. For yet others it might be in the form of images.


The key is to get attuned to it. Here are some ways that can help : 

  1. Learn to take your attention externally and place it internally. Any form of introspective exercise will do, whether it be meditation or a walk by yourself, whatever works for you, and it can be as small a practice as 5 minutes a day.

  2. Practice paying attention to the sensations happening inside you, be completely unconditionally present with them, observe them like they are unique sensory experiences. The cool thing is that you can hit pause at any time of the day and do that, and then go right back into your busy day ! 

  3. Get creative  ! Engage in some form of creative activity that speaks to you. Creativity gets you more in touch with how you're feeling, and therefore helps you reconnect with your intuition.


Be patient with it. We HAVE shunned our inner voice for years in favor of our logical mind and/or everybody else's opinion, so we can't really expect our inner voice to come flying out of the gate. But it will, eventually, and when it does, get ready to have your perspective blown wide open, and finding your unique style might just be the beginning !


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  • Post author
    Belle Ombre